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10 Things to do in Brussels


20151003 120219 - 10 Things to do in Brussels

  Brussels is the capital of Belgium and has an enormous importance in Europe, hosting the European Union Parliament and NATO. But apart from the economic and political importance, Brussels is also a great cosmopolitan city including great architecture and museums to visit and amazing food to try. And I visited Brussels, I just went there for a weekend…

One-day trip to the Scottish Highlands


highlands - One-day trip to the Scottish Highlands

  Scotland is full of secrets and has so much to offer than the capital city of Edinburgh. The Scottish Highlands are the Britain’s largest national park which hides breathtaking landscapes and sensational seascape between their mountains, including the British highest peak – the Ben Nevis – and mysterious lochs, such as the Loch Ness. Come…

Hiking in Pedra Bonita


cropped CIMG2218 2 - Hiking in Pedra Bonita

Rio de Janeiro is well known for his magnificent hills which provide you with amazing views of the city. For that reason, hiking became one of the ‘must-do’ activities for those who visit Rio and loves outside activities. There are lots of companies and tour guides available that provide tours around various famous points to hike in Rio – from easy…

Three days City Break in Marseille


DSC 1428 - Three days City Break in Marseille

  Marseille was nominated as European Capital of Culture in 2013, which attracts the attention of many Europeans to the city. Apart from the amazing historic architecture, the city is involved by wonderful beaches and the Calanques are one of the main attractions for hiking’ lovers. This post includes a walking tour through the city…

Three days city break in Edinburgh


IMG 2643 - Three days city break in Edinburgh

Scotland is such an amazing place to visit and enjoy extraordinary Scottish music, traditions and nature. Edinburgh is a must-visit city in Europe as is one of the Scottish oldest cities full of interesting and intriguing history. Due to its exciting history and architecture, a strong conservation movement emerged to preserve and restore the city’s old buildings and control…

The two sides of Budapest


IMG 3599 - The two sides of Budapest

  Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, ranked as the most livable city in Central and Eastern Europe. The River Danube separates the city in two sides – Buda and Pest – being fused together in 1873 to be known as Budapest as we know nowadays. The city has seven bridges, but the…