Hi! Welcome to the Sentido Direction Blog!


This blog surged with the strong desire to travel the world, sharing experiences and travel tips. I have a full-time job, which makes me focus the most of my free time in enjoying my short free time to travel and experience as much as I can. So, for me, enjoy as much time as I can while I’m travelling is vital.

A little bit about myself

I’m Portuguese living currently in London. I’ve moved to London 5 years ago – now looks like has been an eternity – to work in a full-time job as a Nurse. When I was living in Portugal, I’ve lived in a small town in the district of Porto, literally so small that everyone knows each other. Most of people there knows each family by any kind of surname or nickname. So, I was always the daughter of my parents and the grand daughter of my grandparents. If someone pass by me in the street they knew me because of that. 

Maybe it is me that have this sensation, but I think it is some kind of trend for the kids of 90’s. Unless, it is the way I feel. We grow up in the boom of the Disney movies, where everything was pictured as perfect. Like many people I was taught to go to college, get a job, get married, have kids and live happily ever after – just like a Disney movie! Unfortunately, I’m too stubborn to be happy with just that!

What people don’t tell you while you grow up is that you can keep yourself chasing the idea of ‘success’ that society keeps implementing in your head, it is some king of ‘unreachable’ point for most of us. Well, maybe I cannot complaint too much. Unless that’s what some people will say. I’ve finished my degree, completed a post-graduation in a different country and I now have a permanent good job practicing what I’ve studied for. Even that I love what I do, I always have the feeling that it is something missing.

Why travel?

When I moved to the UK and started administering my own money, I’ve realized that everything is very mechanic. We go to work, we pay the bills and we save for an emergency or for that car we wanted or even a house later on. Unfortunately, I’ve realized that we don’t leave the present anymore. So, I’ve decided to travel more and to discover the places I’ve always wanted to. Travel make me experience things that I’ve never imagine before and discover new feelings, taste and smells. I’ve scuba diving in Bali. I’ve hiked one of the famous hills in Brazil. I’ve lost myself in the mysterious mountains and lakes of Scotland. I’ve stayed in a boat hotel in the middle of River Danube in Budapest. And I’ve felt in love with my country again. 

Why blogging?

So why blogging when this internet is full with travel blogs? Well, I don’t know. Maybe I just want to share a different view of traveling. Here you will not find beautiful dresses in beautiful empty landscapes. I’m a very reserved person and I don’t really like to be the protagonist of the photos I take. I love photography, but I am not an expert and I’m definitely not trying to be a professional photographer. I just want to share through my lenses what I see and feel in each place I visit. I share some travel tips according to my own experience. I’ve try to travel within a budget – ’cause I’m still young and broke – and getting over travel mishaps with a smile. 

Site Policies

  • The trips documented here are based on my own travel experiences. The majority of them are planned, booked and paid by myself.
  • When I accept occasional discounts or sponsorship from a tourist board on travel company these will be clearly marked and I promise I’ll still give you my honest opinion.
  • The blog contains some affiliate links, where I’ll get a small commission at no extra cost to you, but I’ll only recommend products or sites which I genuinely recommend and I used myself.
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