Located on the Atlantic coast, Lisbon is one of the Europe’s most significant cities to visit in Europe. Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and it was the gateway city for many explorers to discover new lands and tastes around the world in the Age of Discoveries. Full of new and exciting foods, architecture, spices and cultures that all mixed within the city limits create the beauty that is Lisbon nowadays. 

Visit the famous Hills of Lisbon

Located between seven hills, Lisbon is easily walkable by foot, being the best way to explore the city. I absolutely loved walking around the city as you can visit the different neighborhoods and enjoy the amazing views through various landscapes and urban panoramic views. 

High up on the hill, the residential district of Graça is another Lisbon’s beautiful viewpoints. This is one of the favorite spots among the locals due to its splendid terrace and panoramic views. Enjoy a drink at the open air caffe in the later afternoon and chat with the locals and another travelers. 

seven hills of Lisbon

Miradouro da Graça

Visit the Castelo de São Jorge

Located in one of the seven hills, the Castle of St Jorge – Castelo de São Jorge –  hosts one of the most beautiful spots. This medieval castle was built up on a hill inside of a fortified citadel. The castle can be seen from almost everywhere in the city and is one of the city’s most popular touristic attractions. Visitors can climb the towers or wander along the ramparts for some of the most breathtaking views over the city, the river and the distant Atlantic Ocean.

Castelo de São Jorge

Castelo de São Jorge

Enjoy a Tram Ride around the city

The tram is one of the traditional ways to discover the city. There is different tram lines, which two of them are touristic trams. The first electric trams began to circulate in 1900. It is an unique experience to enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of the Lisbon’s neighborhoods. 

Lisbon' tram

Tram of Lisbon

Praça do Comércio

Close to the harbour is the Praça do Comércio, one of the most elegant city squares in Europe. The surrounding buildings have attractive arcades along their facades. In the end of the day, lots of inhabitants meet for a beer and seafood.

Praça do Comércio Lisbon

Mosteiro dos Jeronimos

Probably the most prominent monument of Lisbon and certainly the most successful achievement of the Manueline style is the magnificent Jerónimos Monastery, with is a delightful cloister.

Mosteiro dos Jerónimos

Torre de Belém

Close to the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, is located the Belem Tower (Torre de Belém). Built in the early sixteenth century to commemorate Vasco da Gama. This defensive, yet elegant construction is one of the symbols of the city, a memorial to Portugal’s power during the Age of the Great Discoveries.

Torre de Belém


Try the famous Pasteis de Belem

In English – the Custard tarte – is full of a delicious flavor and will surely win your heart. It’s going to be difficult to go home without them

Visit the district of Alfama and enjoy a Fado Performance

The neighborhood of Alfama is the historical soul of Lisbon. Alfama survived almost intact from the devastating earthquake in 1755, retaining the medieval architecture and full of traditions. Traditional Portuguese Music – Fado – is something that you have to experience while in Portugal. With at least 200 years of history behind the tradition, you can feel the emotion that goes into each performance and it’s like nothing else. To get an insight into the musical culture of Portugal, book your spot at many bars around the town and enjoy the experience.

Alfama district Lisbon

Visit the most Westerly point in Europe - Cabo da Roca

Cabo da Roca is a wild and rugged headland that marks the most westerly point of Europe. The windswept cliffs of Cabo da Roca were believed to be the edge of the world until the late 14th century. The raging Atlantic Ocean waves pound the base of the massive jagged cliffs while challenging hiking trails follow the coastal paths. The headland is marked by a stone monument with a cross atop with the inscription from the famous Portuguese poet Luís Camões (1524-1580) –  ‘where the land ends and the sea begins‘.

Cabo da Roca

Take a day-trip to Cascais or Sintra

Lisbon is perfectly located for a day-trip around other cities, such as Cascais and Sintra. Close to the centre of Lisbon, Cascais is the beach side of the city. 

Cascais Lisbon

Forte de Cascais

Lisbon is a magnificent city and the most sunny city in Europe, being perfect to be visited anytime of the year. Rich of historical architecture, enjoyable gastronomy and wonderful mosaic pavements, Lisbon is unique.