Brussels is the capital of Belgium and has an enormous importance in Europe, hosting the European Union Parliament and NATO. But apart from the economic and political importance, Brussels is also a great cosmopolitan city including great architecture and museums to visit and amazing food to try.

And I visited Brussels, I just went there for a weekend break and the time frame was not very big to explore the city properly. In order to appropriate enjoy the little time that I had, I decided to get the drop on & off buses, which allowed me to visit all the attractions and jump off the bus to visit each attraction properly. In my point of view, this is a fantastic way to visit the city when you have a limited time to enjoy the city. You are provided with a map and itinerary, including the stops where you can jump out and visit, together with some information about each attraction you are passing through. (


The Atomium is one of the most known icons in Brussels. Represents an iron crystal and is it was constructed for the World Expo 1958. Even that it is now almost 60 years old, the Atomium has a futuristic architecture and very well preserved, looking beautiful on the landscape of Brussels. If you want to go up to the highest point, you have to buy a ticket, which I would recommend you to buy it online, as the queue there was huge. On the top, you can enjoy the views over the city and also some food or drinks at the restaurant. But, if you want just to stay down and keep your money for something else, the landscape around the Atomium is beautiful too and is a great place to relax and enjoy some Belgium waffles.


The Grand-place is located at the centre of the city and is characterized as a baroque style medieval square dressed in gold. One of those buildings is the Brussels’ Town Hall. The square is surrounded by typical Belgium restaurants and bars where you can enjoy some lunch and observe the life of the city. Also, here you can enjoy the amazing flower market, which is one of the principal attraction of this place. It is a wonderful place to walk around the streets and enjoy a waffle. Also, it is very close of several statues, including the Manneken-Pis.

Chinese Pavillion

In the Chinese Pavilion, you can find the jewels of Oriental art. They came from the exhibition of Paris (1900) and were rebuilt under the reign of King Leopold II. Unfortunately, the time that I visited Brussels, the pavilion was in re-construction and I wasn’t able to visit it inside, but I managed to walk into the beautiful garden around the building. Also, here you can find the Japanese Tower, which measures 80 meters in height and looks beautiful on the landscape.

Chinese pavillion Brussels


Manneken-Pis is a legend in Brussels and his fame has widely spread abroad the world. The history says that a rich bourgeois had lost his only son in the crowd during popular festivities. The boy was found five days ago in the same corner where the statue is located today and doing the exact the same thing. The statue is dressed in amazing costumes around the year, and you can see the different customs on the museum in the main square.

Pis Brussels

Try the delicious Belgium Waffles

Oh, waffles! Belgium waffles for themselves are a great excuse to go up there. Belgium is well-known for their amazing chocolates and waffles. The waffle factory offers various options, from salty to sweet, chocolaty and fruity. Simply, a must-try while you visiting Brussels.


The Botanique is a cultural and music venue complex. The building was previously the main orangery of the National Botanic Garden of Belgium and part of the garden had hosted many cultural events. Which is the way it looks like a greenhouse from outside.

Royal Galleries Saint-Hubert

These galleries constitute a large vitreous passage and were the first ones in Europe with shops, restaurants and theatres. The shops include food, antiques and vintage shops. while you there, enjoy some macaroons and tea.

Parc du Cinquantenaire

If you enjoy museums, this park hosts some of the many important museums in Brussels. In the northern side, there is the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History and on the Southern side, you can find the auto world which is a vintage car museum. If you want to enjoy the nature or do some exercise, the park is great and hosts a breathtaking arch, being a perfect place to relax on a sunny day.

European Parliament

While visiting the European Parliament visit the Hemicycle, which is the largest and most important debates in the European Parliament.

Admire the Urban Art

In Brussels, street art is the expression of a city in constant flux. Brussels has its own stars and symbolic figures, including TinTin. Their form of expression is sometimes entertaining, sometimes surprising and affordable.