Scotland is full of secrets and has so much to offer than the capital city of Edinburgh. The Scottish Highlands are the Britain’s largest national park which hides breathtaking landscapes and sensational landscapes between their mountains and mysterious lakes. Come with me on this fantastic journey to this beautiful land, where the views will make your jaw drop.

As I’ve only spent 3 days in Edinburgh, I’ve decided to book a one-day tour and enjoy the others to discover and explore the city. There are lots of tour agencies that provides different and interesting itineraries and the prices vary according to what do you want to do. The one that we contacted was the Highland Explorer Tours. The itinerary was well organised and the tour guide was amazing, as gave us lots of information and historical facts, which make the trip even more exciting and interesting. The trip was accompanied by Scottish music, from the popular old songs to the currently Scottish top singers and bands.


Stirling is known as the Heart of Scotland, holding a considerable importance to the history of Scotland. His great castle has helped to give it a key place with legendary Scot’s victories. You probably remember this story in the movie ‘The Braveheart’, which is based on the story of William Wallace.


Glencoe is one of the most beautiful and amazing places in the highlands. However, the region’s turbulent history behind this place results in a mystery feeling on the air – the massacre of the MacDonald’s family. This history is very well known on all Scotland and remotes to February 1692 where thirty-eight members of the MacDonald’s clan were killed by their own guests and another forty women and children died of exposure after their homes were burned. For those who love Game of Thrones just like me – ‘Geek Alert!’ – you will probably recognise a little bit of this history. The Glencoe massacre had inspired ‘The Red Wedding‘ events in the novel ‘A Storm of Swords‘ by George R. R. Martin.
Apart from the TV series, this has also been the scenario of various movies such as James Bond’s Skyfall and the Harry Potter Saga.
Scottish Highlands Glencoe

Fort William

The Fort William is well-known for the simple fact that hosts the Ben Nevis – the tallest mountain in the UK. The city is also known as the outdoor capital of UK, hosting the Mountain Bike World Cup. Here you can enjoy the finest Scotch Whisky on the pubs and a trip aboard the steam train that took Harry Potter to Hogwarts.

Loch Ness

The Loch Ness is the second largest Scottish lake, but it is the voluminous lake in Britain containing more fresh water than all lakes in England and Wales combined. The lake is very deep – around 230m – and there is no human being able to dive so deeply, as the waters are so dark that you cannot see anything down there.
Over the years, rumors spread widely about strange events at Loch Ness. The myth about water creatures living in these deep waters – ‘Nessie’ – as affectionately known by the locals. The first sighting of Nessie was recorded in 565 AD. In 1933 the development of the city around the lake and construction of the roads is pointed as a result of various independent sightings as the drilling and blasting forced Nessie to emerge from the waters. These events have brought attention to lake and several studies were conducted with submarines and sonar equipment. Even there is no proof about the existence of Nessie, many observers consider the existence of a huge creature in these deep waters.
Loch Ness

If you want to take a boat trip to the Loch, you can get the local boat which will take you to the middle of the lake. When I was there I could realize how big it is and I could listen to all the local stories, mysteries and the investigations performed in the lake for many years. The boat has a sonar, which shows what it is underwater – just in case Nessie decides to say Hi. 

The trip is fascinating. The rocks and hills on the sideways are full of typical fauna and we could see little goats and deer climbing and eat the vegetation.
On our way back, the snow was already melting and we stopped in the forest to enjoy the nature, trees, and waterfalls.
Our trip started early in the morning, around 8.30am and finished in the evening at 8 pm. It was a long time on the bus and through the road, but well accompanied with the mountains and amazing views. I would highly recommend this trip for those who wish to visit the highlands and explore their mysteries and their infinite wonders.

* This post does not include any kind of paid advertisement. Everything that was written in this post is based on my honest opinion.